TEDx Sydney: A New Way To Listen – A Conversation With Tralala Blip

A New Way To Listen – A Conversation With Tralala Blip

Story by Emma Koubayssi

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“What strikes us most about this electro pop quintet is that there’s purity in the way they play. Tralala Blip has created a space for improvisation. You can almost feel the sensitivity and awareness that moves between its members. The experience is wholly unusual; you hear the honesty in their music, so much so that the idea of wrong notes disappears.”

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TedX Sydney: A New Way To Listen – A Conversation With Tralala Blip

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Video – Oceans Of Love

Shot & produced by Julie Bennett / Edited by Danny Harris

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Oceans Of Love Video

Oceans Of Love Review

The Guardian Website:

Music You Missed: 10 essential releases from the Australian underground

“This cassette from Lismore electronic group Tralala Blip was released the day they opened Unsound festival in Adelaide. Its songs partially recapture the jubilation that flowed from stage to audience within the gig’s first few minutes. Tralala Blip did not – as others might – artfully conceal their excitement to be there. They were absorbed in the gear they were using to concoct their unique sound but utterly in the moment too; one member doing point-and-spin dance moves that saw ear-to-ear grins all round.

Formed in 2007 by Randolf Reimann, Tralala Blip is five musicians with and without disabilities. Once of Sydney metal band Massappeal, Reimann describes the group’s uniting force as “raw self expression”, similar to early punk and post-punk gigs. All members sing or contribute spoken word, and while their voices are heavily treated with delay or pitch shifters, they are not made uniform, giving their records a wide spectrum of moods. On the claustrophobic Wax Figurine, Phoebe Rose’s vocals hover eerily over a ragged, loping crunch while the aptly-titled Oceans of Love expands airily – so light and contented its only flaw is ending too soon.”

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Oceans of Love Review - The Guardian Website

The Guardian – Unsound Adelaide Review

The Guardian – Unsound Adelaide Review

“Tralala Blip remind us beautifully of two things we love about experimental music: the alchemy of collaboration and the raw expressiveness found in unorthodox pairings”

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The Guardian Unsound Adelaide Review

unsound Adelaide Review – INDAILY.COM.AU

IN DAILY unsound Adelaide Review

…Shadows climbed inside the hall as bleeps and earnest vocals weaved into the thump; the communal heart of Tralala Blip from regional NSW. Their beeps, swishes and trills suggested they had decommissioned R2-D2 and built drum machines and effects gear with his kindly circuits… Read More

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Unsound Adelaide Gig Review