Music Australia – Top Experimental Releases of 2016

Check out Music Australia’s Top Experimental Releases of 2016 See the full list here: “Tralala Blip – Oceans Of Love, (February, Tenth Court) Based in Lismore on the far north coast of NSW, this group breaks boundaries left, right and centre. The project came about after Randy Reimann formed the five-piece in 2007 by working with a group of talented... Read More

Oceans Of Love Review

The Guardian Website: Music You Missed: 10 essential releases from the Australian underground “This cassette from Lismore electronic group Tralala Blip was released the day they opened Unsound festival in Adelaide. Its songs partially recapture the jubilation that flowed from stage to audience within the gig’s first few minutes. Tralala Blip did not – as others might... Read More

The Guardian – Unsound Adelaide Review

The Guardian – Unsound Adelaide Review “Tralala Blip remind us beautifully of two things we love about experimental music: the alchemy of collaboration and the raw expressiveness found in unorthodox pairings” Read the full review on The Guardian website.  Read More

unsound Adelaide Review – INDAILY.COM.AU

IN DAILY unsound Adelaide Review …Shadows climbed inside the hall as bleeps and earnest vocals weaved into the thump; the communal heart of Tralala Blip from regional NSW. Their beeps, swishes and trills suggested they had decommissioned R2-D2 and built drum machines and effects gear with his kindly circuits… Read More Read the full review at the website  Read More

Tralala Blip @ 4ZZZ Carpark

Tralala Blip@4ZZZ Carpark Read the full review on the 4ZZZFM.ORG.AU website On a Sunday afternoon considerably cooled from the Election Day heat of the day before, what better way of seeing off the weekend than spending some time in the 4ZZZ Carpark and catching some bands. A good number of people shared this thought, packed in the small confines, ready for quality tunes… Read... Read More


Read the Noisy article and listen to Oceans Of Love while you’re there. The ”Oceans Of Love” cassette is out Feb 26 through Tenth Court.  Read More

Aussie Dream Review – Volcanic Tongue

“Magical, confusing, one-off Australian underground blat, courtesy of Joel Stern (Sky Needle et al) and Andrew McLellan’s (cured Pink, Soft Power. etc.) private Disembraining imprint: Tralala Blip came together as a project involving differently-abled artists working to create a spontaneous form of droning/hallucinatory electronic pop. The vocals are beautiful, drifting... Read More

My Radio Heart – ABC News Interview

Watch the interview on the ABC News website  Read More