Tralala Blip Brisbane Powerhouse Museum

Mathew Daymond

Mathew Daymond

Mathew joined TLLB January 2008. sine wave synth, white noise machine, audio cubes and vocals.

Mat likes horror, sci-fi and fantasy movies. PS and xBox games, drawing, designing t-shirts, posters and record covers for tralala blip, travelling, touring and doing tllb workshops.

Mat likes R&B and electro music, some sound art and some rock.

Mat dislikes war and violence and really spicy food.

Leanne Butt

Leanne Butt

Leanne joined TLLB January 2008. mellow synth sounds with chilled arpeggiator rhythms , Tenori-On and vocals.

Leanne likes French knitting, crochet, writing poetry and stories about Australian wildlife and nature. Feel good and Disney movies. Leanne likes all styles of music but not grindcore and extreme noise.

Leanne dislikes war, the pollution of our natural environment and deep fried spider kebabs.

Randolf Reimann

Randolf started TLLB January 2008. programming, live button pushing & mixing, synth bass and vocals.

Randolf likes sci-fi, comedy, independent films, fantasy movies. Old school games like asteroids and galaxian. Analog music machines, Likes small yellow things made of plastic, Reptiles. Randolf likes all sorts of music and dislikes just as many.

Randolf dislikes blue bottles and ticks but knows they must have some purpose in the food chain/ecosystem. Also not keen on deep fried spider kebabs but admits he hasn’t tried them.

Lydian Dunbar

Lydian Dunbar

Lydian joined TLLB October 2010. rhythmic samples, beats, kaossilator, iPad and vocals.

Lydian likes action and drama movies, Bad Boys is a favourite. Friends is a favourite TV show. XBox and PS 3 shoot em up games. Likes fast cars, seeing live music at the beach hotel, parties and girls. music of Eminem, Roots Manuva, Pixies, Butthole Surfers, Lawn Cigar and Shit Robot.

Lydian dislikes Haters and negative people, spicy food and bugs.

Zac Mifsud

Zac Mifsud

Zac joined TLLB May 2011. Frostwave SpaceBeam, kaoss Pad, Harmonica and vocals.

Zac likes action adventure and war movies. Halo is his favourite Xbox game. Likes getting out in nature, sailing with his family and hanging out at his sisters house.

Music, Michael Jackson, R&B, country and electronic music.

Zac dislikes lots of rainy days in a row. Real violence, tangled audio cables and any food that involves cooked or uncooked spiders.

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