Aussie Dream Review – Volcanic Tongue

“Magical, confusing, one-off Australian underground blat, courtesy of Joel Stern (Sky Needle et al) and Andrew McLellan’s (cured Pink, Soft Power. etc.) private Disembraining imprint: Tralala Blip came together as a project involving differently-abled artists working to create a spontaneous form of droning/hallucinatory electronic pop. The vocals are beautiful, drifting in and out on wisps of F/X and combining oracular broadcasts with muffled, personal asides and implied arcs of melody and harmony. The music is night time 2am ambient, with glitches, slow beats and wonky keyboard runs but it’s the vocals that really make it special, drifting, singing to themselves, caught up in internal reveries. Indeed, Aussie Dream, at points, comes over like a narcotic pop project take on the strategies of Artur Zmijewski’s Singing Lesson. This has been a real slow-burning pleasure this week. I confess that when I first heard it I was totally confused and with the rate of, well, ‘singular’ releases that regularly come through our hands at VT, that’s really saying something. Truly, you never heard such sounds. Highly recommended”.

David Keenan/Volcanic Tongue

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